25+ Best Hill Station in Tamilnadu

Best Hill Station in Tamilnadu

If you need an escape from everyday life, Tamilnadu hill stations provide the ideal getaway. From lush forests to stunning waterfalls and breathtaking vistas – these idyllic retreats will help provide that tranquil escape.

As summer heats up, taking a getaway to one of Tamilnadu’s premier hill stations can offer an ideal way to beat the scorching heat. There’s nothing quite as relaxing than visiting one of these exquisite spots that boast incredible natural beauty, peaceful ambiance and refreshing climate, perfect for rejuvenating both body and soul.

Nature enthusiasts will surely appreciate visiting one of Tamilnadu’s premier hill stations, with lush forests covering these picturesque knolls – ideal for wildlife safari adventures!

Ooty is an idyllic summer and weekend retreat, home to beautiful landscapes, breathtaking scenic views, and other compelling attractions. Dubbed ‘Queen of Hill Stations’ this hill station promises visitors the experience of an unforgettable visit.

Popular hill stations include Ooty, Kodaikanal, Coonoor, and Yercaud; however there are also lesser-known ones such as Tamil Nadu’s lesser-known hill stations that provide an unforgettable experience.

25+ Best Hill Station in Tamil Nadu

Ooty is the go-to destination, known for its mountain scenery and picturesque beauty. Additionally, other prominent hill stations such as Yercaud, Kotagiri and Kolukkumalai provide plenty of scenic beauty and majestic mountains to be found in southern India.

1. Ooty

Ooty is an idyllic chain of hills located in Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiris District that never fails to disappoint visitors. Be it breathtaking views from Doddabetta Peak or peacefulness found at Pykara Lake, Ooty draws tourists back again and again to experience its charms – no surprise why she is known as the Queen of Hill Stations!

Ooty offers more than its natural beauty; it boasts some of the finest hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions as well. There are museums, theme parks, historical sites that give an insight into life in Nilgiris region.

Ooty offers many attractions for travelers visiting nearby hill stations such as Coonoor, Kotagiri and Gudalur. Also worth seeing are Nilgiri Mountain Railway train rides as well as Charring Cross Market, Tibetan Market and Upper Bazaar Road markets; here you will find an abundance of shops selling souvenirs and spices while nearby bakeries provide tasty desserts!

2. Yercaud

Yercaud is one of Tamil Nadu’s premier hill stations. Boasting stunning natural attractions that are sure to astonish you – from soothing waterfalls and sprawling parks, to Pagoda Point, Anna Park and Lady’s seat – Yercaud offers something special.

Named for its lush emerald lake that lies nearby, Lake Forest Hill Station boasts verdant orange groves, coffee and spice plantations as well as oakwood and sandalwood forests – an apt moniker!

It is best to visit Yercaud during the cooler summer months when temperatures are pleasant and temperatures remain comfortable. Traveling by train from Salem Railway Station or booking tickets directly through an airport should get you here quickly, while buses from major cities also run to this delightful hill station – however it is wise to book ahead in order to avoid disappointment!

3. Kotagiri

Tamil Nadu, situated in India’s southern region, offers cultural diversity, delectable cuisine, and magnificent sights. The hill stations of this state make an excellent getaway destination from urban stress; their lush forests home wild boars, deers, peacocks, waterfalls and coffee plantations that add beauty.

Yercaud, Kotagiri and Ooty are among the premier hill stations in Tamil Nadu, offering breathtaking scenery for hiking, camping, world watching and photography – not to mention fruit orchids, spice plantations and tea fields! For best results it is advised to visit these destinations between December and June.

Kotagiri, also known as the ‘Mountain of Kotas”, is one of the Nilgiris’ three largest and oldest hill stations. A popular summer retreat, it is famed for its breathtaking views, tea estates, rock climbing opportunities and trekking trails – with Longwood Shola Forest, Catherine Falls, John Sullivan Memorial Viewpoint Kodanad Viewpoint Elk Falls and Rangaswamy Peak as some key points of interest.

4. Kolukkumalai

Tamil Nadu offers numerous hill stations that provide unique experiences for visitors, such as Yercaud, Kotagiri and Yelagiri – three popular ones that will enchant travellers. Each hill station combines natural beauty with ancient architecture for an experience you won’t forget!

Kolukkumalai Hill Station of Tamilnadu, located in Bodinayakanur Taluk of Theni district is widely known for its tea plantations and unique flavor due to the high altitude. Furthermore, this village also houses the highest viewing point that offers spectacular panoramic views of its surroundings landscapes.

Kolukkumalai Hill Station in Tamil Nadu is well known for its picturesque lakes and scenic viewpoints, providing ample opportunities for outdoor adventure lovers such as boating and hiking. Boating and hiking activities can also be enjoyed here; making Kolukkumalai a fantastic place for spending quality time with friends or family! Amongst its natural attractions such as waterfalls, lakes, lush valleys and lush orchid and rose gardens to discover or taking a ride across shimmering Emerald Lake are just a few activities available here!

5. Javadi Hill

The Javadi hills offer nature lovers a captivating panorama. This hill station is famed for its coffee and tea plantations as well as scenic viewpoints. Additionally, its waterfalls and lake provide scenic charm – taking walks through forests allows visitors to truly experience nature at its best!

Yercaud Hill Station in Tamil Nadu is one of the lesser-known hill stations, situated in Salem district and boasting numerous waterfalls, coffee plantations and temples. Additionally, its summer festival takes place every May, featuring flower shows, 3D art exhibit of butterfly life cycle as well as boat races – making Yercaud an attractive tourist destination!

Yercaud Hill Station in Tamil Nadu is one of the most picturesque hill stations, making it an ideal getaway during summer months. Due to its secluded setting and lack of pollution, it provides the ideal destination for tourists as a weekend retreat. In addition, adventure seekers will appreciate its numerous trekking trails.

6. Kalrayan Hills

Kalrayan Hills in Tamil Nadu is an underrated hill station that’s filled with trees and vegetation, perfect for picnics with your loved ones and adventure enthusiasts. Offering some breathtaking scenery and incredible scenic vistas, summer months are the best time to visit Kalrayan Hills!

Coonoor is one of the most captivating hill stations in Tamil Nadu with its verdant tea plantations slopes, colonial architecture and incredible panoramic vistas. Nestled into the Nilgiris range and providing ample birdwatching opportunities. Coonoor’s main attractions are Sim’s Park, Lamb’s Rock and Dolphin Nose; also popular birding destinations.

Yercaud in Tamil Nadu offers an unforgettable holiday destination, complete with plantations of coffee, oranges, jackfruits, guavas and cardamom. Perfect for those seeking an escape from city life; home to various festivals and celebrations including its lake or summer festival!

7. Yelagiri

Yelagiri, with its 14 hamlets spread out among two hills, provides an idyllic and back-to-nature retreat. Nowhere will you find large crowds of tourists or souvenir shops; that is part of its appeal that draws so many travellers here.

There’s plenty to see and do here, from visiting Punganoor Lake and Fundera Park to Vainu Bappu Observatory and Jalagamparai Waterfalls and Velavan Temple – not forgetting Yelagiri Forest Hill Resort which provides an exciting range of adventure activities!

Yelagiri’s ideal season to visit is between November and mid-February, when its mild climate allows for optimal enjoyment. But visitors can still appreciate its beauty during summer and monsoon months. From Coimbatore, Chennai or Bangalore you can reach Jolarpettai Junction by train where cabs are readily available; buses also run between nearby Vaniyambadi and Tirupattur towns – or take in Reddiyur Estate by visiting its erstwhile property of local zamindar family who once owned an estate of which you must visit Reddiyur.

8. Coonoor

Tamil Nadu offers several beautiful hill stations for travelers to visit, with Coonoor being one of the most picturesque. Boasting breathtaking views and offering something for all types of travelers – Lamb’s Rock and Law’s Falls among others are located here; in addition there are trekking trails making Coonoor an excellent adventure getaway!

Doddabetta is the highest peak in the Nilgiris Mountains and provides stunning panoramic views of surrounding hills and valleys. Another popular attraction in these stunning surroundings is Botanical Gardens with over 85 different varieties of flowers and plants displayed, not to mention Sim’s Park which features an extensive rose collection.

Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is another well-known hill station and known as “The Princess of Hill Stations.” Surrounded by lush forests, this region makes an ideal retreat for nature enthusiasts and offers several scenic attractions like Bryant Park, Silver Cascade and Pillar Rocks – as well as being perfect for romantic couples seeking a getaway!

9. Kolli Hills

Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu are one of the state’s most breathtaking hill stations, residing between Namakkal and Tiruchirapalli districts of the state and part of the discontinuous Eastern Ghats range, standing over 1000-1300 meters in height. Kolli is popular tourist spot due to its beautiful terrain and mysterious legends; many sages who perform penance here pray to Kollipavai for protection during their penance ceremonies.

An idyllic hill station provides the ideal escape from city life, offering natural beauty, lush forests and cascading waterfalls that are sure to enchant. Additionally, this hill station also provides opportunities for adventure sports like trekking and rock climbing.

Kolli Hills is an unforgettable South Indian hill station, boasting breathtaking landscapes, serene lakes, and exotic wildlife – the perfect combination for making this destination perfect for families or couples seeking an idyllic escape. Plus, unlike some other popular hill stations like Tamil Nadu’s top rated ones, it remains far less crowded! This makes Kolli Hills an ideal getaway option.

10. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal’s cool climate makes it an idyllic naturalist destination. Nestled in the Upper Palani Hills of the Western Ghats, it boasts plenty of activities for visitors of all interests; hiking through wooded forests or simply taking in stunning scenic views can all make Kodaikanal an unforgettable journey.

Kodaikanal’s optimal visit time falls during summer, from March to June, but its climate remains mild all year round. Furthermore, this place boasts many natural wonders such as mystic valleys and green slopes – Laws Falls, Dolphins Nose and St Catherine Falls are must-see attractions here!

Kolli Hills could be just what you need if you enjoy road trips. This hill station provides adventurers and nature lovers with breathtaking hairpin bends, picturesque mountains and lush gardens – not to mention an array of herbal and medicinal plants such as foxtail millets, barnyard millet and little millet!

11. Anaimalai

Chill winds, misty breezes and breathtaking vistas – these are what Tamil Nadu’s best hill stations have to offer. These scenic spots boast lush forests and gorgeous ghats which invite outdoor adventures such as trekking or just admiring their beauty – plan a trip now and enjoy these magical spots of Tamil Nadu for yourself!

Ooty, known as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations”, is one of the most beloved hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Nestled within Nilgiri district in Tamil Nadu, Ooty boasts beautiful gardens, parks, lakes and various scenic attractions including Wenlock Downs, Ooty Lake Botanical Garden Rose Garden as well as Nilgiri Mountain Railway – part of UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Coonoor, one of Tamil Nadu’s premier hill stations, is famed for its tea plantations and beautiful views of sunrise and sunset. An idyllic destination for honeymoons or staycations getaways alike, Coonoor also hosts numerous temples and dargahs that add another element to its charming atmosphere.

12. Pachaimalai Hills

Pachaimalai Hills in Tamil Nadu is an undiscovered gem that stands out for its captivating culture and picturesque surroundings. Home to indigenous tribes that live their own way and possess an extensive cultural legacy for visitors to learn about. Furthermore, this hill station serves as an oasis for nature enthusiasts as there are several beautiful waterfalls, scenic lanes and colonial buildings nearby that attract nature enthusiasts from near and far alike.

A picturesque hill station known for its lush greenery, deep valleys and magnificent gorges. October through March is considered to be the optimal time for visiting this hill station and key attractions include Sim’s Park, Lambs Rock, St Catherine Falls and Dolphin’s Nose as well as several Nilgiri tea gardens that call this area home.

This hill station derives its name from its vibrant hues of cornflower blue skies and alexandrite green hills, perfect for wildlife enthusiasts as its skies boast cornflower blue hues while its hills have alexandrite green hues. Home to numerous animals such as Panthers, Wildbores and Peacocks as well as an extensive plantation of Eucalyptus and Teak trees – it also hosts several festivals annually that can attract over 100,000 visitors!

13. Meghamalai

Meghamalai Hill Station in Dindigul is one of Tamilnadu’s most peaceful hill stations, filled with natural wonders that offer an ideal respite from city life. Filled with dense forests, waterfalls, and many vantage points – Meghamalai offers visitors an opportunity to reconnect with nature amidst tea, cardamom, and cinnamon plantations – Meghamalai is truly one of a kind!

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is an essential stop for animal lovers. Here, you can spot a wide array of exotic creatures including Nilgiri Tahr and Nilgiri Langur. Plus, enjoy an unforgettable safari ride through Mudumalai forests on board a jeep!

Meghamalai’s tranquil atmosphere makes it the ideal hill station in Tamil Nadu for adventure seekers and trekkers, offering hiking through lush tea estates, forests and waterfalls, or relaxing by taking a relaxing bath under its sparkling waterfalls. Meghamalai also makes an excellent location to spend quality time with family and friends!

14. Ketti Valley

Ketti Valley, near Coonoor, is one of the best hill stations in Tamil Nadu that remains free from tourist crowds. With its pure air and stunning natural surroundings, it provides a refreshing respite from urban living.

Sim’s Park, Dolphin’s Nose, Lambs Rock St Catherine Falls and Law’s Falls make for a serene landscape perfect for nature enthusiasts. Here you will find breathtaking fields, majestic gorges and waterfalls. There is so much beauty here that cannot be captured with words alone!

Another popular attraction of this place are its tea and coffee estates. Their scent fills the air here and offers a sensory delight for all senses.

Visit this secluded spot during the summer months for optimal conditions and scenic vistas; this time also marks several festivals held throughout the area at this time.

15. Kurangani

Kurangani Hill Station in Tamil Nadu lies at the summit of the Western Ghats and makes for an idyllic destination for trekking and other adventure activities, filled with stunning vistas and waterfalls as well as various tea and coffee plantations sites.

Reach your destination easily via air travel – Madurai Airport provides easy access. From there, take either a bus to Theni or hire a cab directly to Kurangani; alternatively you could also travel via rail – Bodinayakkanur Railway Station provides easy rail travel connections.

Although situated near one of Kerala’s popular tourist destinations – Munnar – Kurangani Hills remains relatively unknown among tourists. An ideal hiking location, as its trails offer scenic views over sylvan surroundings, Kurangani Hills is also ideal for discovering nature’s mysteries as its trails lead through dense forests and plain grasslands, offering ample opportunity for observing various forms of flora and fauna.

16. Topslip

Topslip Hill Station in Tamil Nadu is one of the most picturesque hill stations, perfect for nature enthusiasts and wildlife enthusiasts. Set amidst dense forests teeming with wildlife, Topslip attracts tourists for its ancient Shiva temple and breathtaking views of the Western Ghats. Tourists can also visit Catherine Waterfalls, Siruvani Falls, Monkey Falls and Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary to complete their experience of Topslip.

Topslip stands out as an incredible destination due to its refreshing climate and breathtaking natural beauty, boasting lush forests teeming with incredible wildlife, tranquil river streams winding their way through hillsides, and picturesque valleys – among many other highlights of this wonderful getaway!

Ooty, located in the Nilgiri Mountains, is known as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations”. A popular summer getaway spot, Ooty offers stunning panoramic views, serene lakes and numerous other attractions – not forgetting its lush green tea plantations await discovery here.

17. Valparai

Valparai Hill Station lies within South India’s Anamalai hill ranges, making it a tranquil haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Offering fresh air, beautiful vistas, tea plantations, and unpolluted air; Valparai attracts honeymooners and adventure seekers. Furthermore, its surroundings host several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries; popular attractions here include Sholayar Dam, Aliyar Dam, and Nallamudi Viewpoint.

Visitors to Chinnakallar Falls can engage in numerous activities like trekking, mountain biking and boating; visit Chinnakallar Falls, Loam’s View Point and Balaji Temple; while also taking pleasure in its cool and refreshing climate during the day and getting slightly chillier during nightfall.

Valparai is an idyllic destination during summer for those seeking respite from the scorching heat, with picturesque sights and tranquil atmosphere drawing people in from all across India. Additionally, its perfect destination to rejuvenate both mind, body, and soul.

18. Kalrayan Hills

Kalrayan Hills are one of the lesser-known hill stations in Tamil Nadu, situated in its eastern region and featuring river streams, forested hills, breathtaking waterfalls and popular trekking spots. Home to Malayali tribes known for their pristine forests and natural beauty; Kalrayan Hill station provides an idyllic environment, which remains quiet and uncrowded during most months of the year; although peak visitation occurs between March and May.

Kolukkumalai in Tamil Nadu stands out as an unusual hill station, nestled amid the Nilgiri mountains and boasting beautiful waterfalls, tea and coffee estates, breathtaking panoramic vantage points and its signature Neelakurinji flowers that only bloom at higher altitudes.

If you’re seeking a peaceful and relaxing retreat, Yercaud in Tamil Nadu could be just what you need. Renowned for its verdant greenery, orange groves and spice plantations; not to mention its stunning lake, which attracts trekkers – this hill station makes an excellent weekend destination.

19. Kurangani Hills

Kurangani Hill Station in Tamil Nadu offers visitors an energizing atmosphere that helps restore energy levels, as well as famous trekking trails and campsites. Furthermore, its hills boast exotic flora and fauna which attract tourists from around the globe.

Between August and December is the ideal time to visit a hill station; it provides the ideal getaway from city life’s chaos and hustle-bustle. Plus, this peaceful spot isn’t too crowded, providing the ideal place for relaxation.

Pachaimalai hills, also known as “Princess of Hill Stations,” provide some of the finest wildlife sanctuaries in India for visitors to explore wildlife in its natural habitat. Tourists can go on safari tours and witness animals up-close. Pachaimalai Hills have long been celebrated as the “Princess of Hill Stations”, due to their stunning beauty and idyllic natural settings – they boast several species of birds which offer the ideal place for relaxing while appreciating nature.

20. Manjolai Hills

Manjolai Hills in Tirunelveli are often compared to Ooty in terms of beauty. Renowned for their vast tea plantations estates and abundant wildlife habitat, Manjolai is an idyllic retreat ideal for nature enthusiasts or those simply wanting some time alone to themselves.

Trekking and exploring the natural beauty of Manjolai should be on everyone’s itinerary when visiting this hill station. With numerous waterfalls and lush greenery aplenty, as well as being home to Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve.

Manjolai Hills are best experienced on foot with the assistance of an expert guide, who can lead you through forests in search of birds and animals that inhabit them, or visit mini waterfalls to marvel at Kuthiravetti’s breathtaking view.

Tirunelveli district’s scenic hill station of Yercaud is another favored travel destination, famed for its majestic sunrises and breathtaking azure sky and clouds views, coffee and orange orchards, oak and sandalwood forests – it truly offers something spectacular for visitors!

21. Pachaimalai Hills

Pachamalai Hills is an adventure lover’s delight, located 80 km outside Tiruchirappalli and boasting exotic plant species, cascading waterfalls and trekking trails that will leave you wanting more. Visit this picturesque hamlet for an enriching experience that will leave you wanting more!

Pachamalai is an idyllic destination for nature enthusiasts with clean air, lush vegetation and a refreshing climate – the ideal setting for adventure sports such as paragliding. Additionally, Punganur Lake can be explored by boat while hiking up Swamimalai Peak provides stunning panoramic views. Located at 3500ft this hill station also boasts picturesque vistas of its verdant surroundings.

Pachamalai is a stunning hill station in Tamil Nadu that will capture your attention with its beauty. Home to orange groves, fruit and coffee estates, oak and sandalwood forests and breathtaking viewpoints that offer views of the Nilgiri Mountains; morning and evening temperatures here can be refreshingly chill.

22. Palni Hills Dindigul

This beautiful hill station offers the ideal escape for nature enthusiasts and couples. Situated at an elevation of around 1,600 metres, its surroundings boast diverse flora and fauna species – 18 hairpin bends are situated here among lush green forests, making the experience even more picturesque! Additionally, visitors can engage in various adventurous activities like trekking and hiking here.

Due to its religious significance and natural beauty, Trichy is a major tourist attraction for South India pilgrims and tourists. Pilgrims come here as one of the many shrines dedicated to Lord Murugan in South India; visitors can easily access it by bus and private cars from cities like Trichy, Madurai and Coimbatore.

Dindigul offers many other captivating destinations that should not be missed, including Sim’s Park, Lamb’s Rock, Logwood Shola, Law’s Falls and St Catherine Falls. Furthermore, tourists should visit Pazhamudhir Cholai Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva as well as Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary which attracts wildlife enthusiasts from across India and can easily be reached via air, road and railway transport networks. Furthermore, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary attracts both birders and nature enthusiasts while Periyar Hill Station can easily be reached via all modes of transport including air transport as well as railway connections between India’s major cities including Chennai & Kolkata with ease!

23. Sathuragiri Virudhunagar

Sathuragiri Hills Tamilnadu are an idyllic hill trek filled with rich floral diversity, part of Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary with many endemic species to discover. For optimal viewing experience it is best to trek early morning before it gets too hot; bear in mind the trail can be difficult in places, and always ensure you bring enough water with you for the journey.

The first section of your hike will take you through a dense forest with slippery rocks covered with moss. However, once past this initial challenge the trail becomes much simpler: upon passing this section you will come upon a small shrine after leaving the forest that gives access to see the temples at the end of your trek.

Petty shops dotted throughout the trail offer water, as well as food and snacks if you plan on staying the night at the trailhead. Before setting out on your journey, ensure you have enough water as well as light sources available so as to start out safely and with confidence.

There are various methods of reaching the Sathuragiri Hills trailhead. Buses run regularly between Srivilliputhur and Watrap – 8 Km away – providing transport for daily trips between these cities. You may also drive directly to the trailhead where there will be parking facilities available there.

24. Sirumalai Dindigul

Sirumalai Dindigul is one of the more unique hill stations in Tamil Nadu. This tranquil hill retreat boasts beautiful waterfalls, serene lakes and spice and tea plantations as well as numerous trekking opportunities for adventurous visitors – Beeman Maduvu Falls, Amirthi Forest and Kommuteri Lake are just a few highlights among many others.

Dense forests covering an area of 60,000 acres are abundant with exotic flora and fauna, offering visitors an idyllic escape from city life. Trekkers and nature lovers often come here for an oasis of calm. An observation tower at 17th hairpin bend offers stunning views of surrounding scenery; Agasthiar Malai region has over 5,000 families who use country horses for transportation; Khandige Estate boasts many herbal plants as well as three rivers; while Selvi Koil Point gives an expansive panorama view of Dindigul and Chinnamalai.

Sirumalai offers visitors a chance to go on an animal safari and spot various exotic animal species, such as Indian bison and wild boar. Camping enthusiasts will find Sirumalai an ideal location in which to pitch their tents amongst deep forests while taking advantage of its peaceful atmosphere.

25. Thali Krishnagiri

Thali Krishnagiri is an attractive hill station that offers something for all of its visitors. Boasting stunning waterfalls, hills, valleys and cliffs as well as ancient temples and churches that hold cultural significance for this popular tourist spot. Best visited during winter season when its cool temperatures make this hill station even more inviting; major tourist attractions here include Kelevarapalli Dam, Venugopal Swamy Temple and Arulmigu Maragathamigai Chandra Choodeswarar Temple are only some of the top tourist spots here – don’t miss them out – don’t miss!

Apart from these attractions, the district offers many more points of interest worth seeing, including Krishnagiri Fort – an outstanding way to explore local history and culture – as well as religious sites like Fathima Church-Vincent de Paul Parish (traditional Roman Catholic), CSI Christ Church, Jain Dhyana Mandapa etc.

Musattu hill trek should be part of any visit to this location. Experience its natural beauty as you hike from Varatanapalli village all the way up to an isolated temple and amazing mountain range views, among many other activities!

26. Yeracud Salem

Yercaud, known as the ‘Jewel of the South,” is situated atop Shevaroy hills and serves as an oasis for nature enthusiasts. Renowned for its stunning scenic beauty and mild climate, Yercaud attracts nature enthusiasts from near and far. Tourists come here for its scenic beauty and salubrious climate as well as to visit temples, waterfalls, coffee plantations, orange groves and much more. Notable attractions here include Servaroyan Temple with its idols of God Servarayan and Goddess Kaveri as well as Kiliyur Falls and Green House among many more attractions of Yercaud.

Nature enthusiasts, bikers, and photographers will find this city an excellent location. Additionally, there are many restaurants and cafes serving delicious meals at reasonable prices; visitors can even relax by strolling along Yercaud Lake or just relaxing while sipping some tea amidst lush greenery!

Yercaud is easily accessible by road and rail, with Salem Junction as its primary railway station providing services from Mumbai, Coimbatore, Thiruvananthapuram and other major Indian cities. Furthermore, multiple buses operate between Bangalore and Yercaud making travel between them much simpler for travellers looking for Tamil Nadu’s hill station getaway. Furthermore, air connections link this region well.