Is Super Travel Legit? – A Complete Guide

Is Super Travel Legit

Super Travel (formerly SnapTravel) is an online booking agency that combines competitive rates with user-friendly interface. In order to provide transparent pricing, fees paid and hotel charges are clearly displayed on its platform.

Since 2016, this company has received positive customer reviews, while their responsive and helpful customer service has won them praise from clients.

Company Overview

Super Travel (formerly SnapTravel) is an online travel agency known for providing low hotel rates at competitive prices. Their customer service has earned them recognition in The New York Times and they provide a debit-credit hybrid card which gives you exclusive benefits when you book through them. There may, however, be some potential issues to take into consideration before choosing Super Travel as your provider.

One of the key indicators of legitimacy in any company is whether or not they provide clear contact details, so you can reach them easily if any problems arise. Furthermore, customers reviews and complaints can provide important clues as well; when too many negative reviews appear at once it could be an indicator that something might not be quite right with that company.

Consideration should also be given to the company’s refund policy. If you’re uncertain how they handle them, check their website for more information to prevent any unpleasant surprises later on.

Before booking with any service provider, ensure you fully comprehend their terms and conditions. This is crucial as cancellation may become necessary due to any number of circumstances – in such a situation it would be wise to know when you must cancel for full refund purposes.

If you have any inquiries, reach out to their customer support team via email or live chat for quick and helpful responses. They are also available around the clock and have an FAQs page on their website with more details regarding policies.

Search hotels by category, location and amenities with this company’s hotel search function. Select room preferences and budget to get the best possible deal and discover your ideal vacation hotel!

Before booking a hotel through an online travel agency, it’s wise to do your research. Read customer reviews and compare prices so you get a fair deal. Additionally, book one with an accommodating cancellation policy such as many online travel agencies have.

Services offered

Super Travel is an online travel agency offering hotel bookings and tours at competitive rates with seamless customer experience. Their professional customer service has earned them high ratings on Trustpilot; additionally, the website features an FAQ section where visitors can quickly locate answers to common inquiries.

As with any legitimate business, Super Travel requires thorough investigation before booking with them. Reviews and ratings should always be checked to make sure that you’re receiving quality accommodation; if there are too many complaints or bad reviews about them it might be best to find another provider instead.

Super Travel’s major drawback is its inflexibility when making any changes after you confirm your reservation, due to being an external booking agency and not responsible for hotel standards. This may be problematic when traveling with children or pets – for peace of mind it would be prudent to book a refundable room instead.

Many have encountered difficulties when booking hotels through Super Travel, including failing to notify them of a reservation and then reselling it at an inflated price to someone else. Sometimes hotels even deny that there was ever any such reservation made at all! These experiences can be extremely distressful.

Super Travel has been in the travel industry for several years and is accredited by several reputable tourism organizations. Additionally, their successful booking history and growing customer base make them a trustworthy option for travelers. Before selecting an online travel agency and paying upfront fees for booking services online, be sure to conduct research and compare pricing before selecting one. Read all fine print carefully as scams or ripoffs could occur and select a secure payment provider; additionally it is also wise to avoid agencies without clear contact information and email addresses that could indicate they may not be legitimate businesses.


Super Travel offers exquisite hotel deals to both end users and travel agencies, which was previously known as Snap Travel. As a legitimate business recognized by Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau, as well as World Travel Association. Based out of Toronto Canada with partnerships with hotels worldwide.

Furthermore, this travel agency provides safe and secure payment methods that safeguard your personal information. Their website features clear terms and conditions with SSL encryption to protect data against unauthorized access; moreover, there is a variety of travel packages suitable for various budgets available as well as numerous payment options, including credit and debit cards.

Super Travel’s mobile website and app can be accessed using any mobile device, while most popular operating systems can be supported. Furthermore, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers allow access to this site as well.

The company provides users with a free app that enables them to search hotels with the best discounts and promotions, book their flights, hotels and car rentals as well as cancel their reservations if necessary or change destinations. Plus there is an intuitive website offering various payment methods! You can even cancel or change destinations!

Super Travel is an international online travel agency serving clients from various countries around the world. Their service is accessible 24 hours a day and provide discounts for hotels, restaurants and attractions as well as rewards programs that allow customers to earn points or cash back with every purchase made.

However, some travelers have reported problems with Super Travel’s service. Some have experienced incorrect pricing on its website while others received conflicting information from customer support. Furthermore, refunds may be difficult as Super Travel acts as an intermediary between you and the hotel.


Super Travel Legit has built its name as an award-winning travel agency thanks to its low rates and exceptional customer service, as well as its user-friendly platform that makes booking flights, hotels and vacation packages effortless. It has been featured in countless publications and is used by millions worldwide; NBA star Steph Curry himself endorses it! However, some travelers have voiced doubts regarding Super Travel Legit’s legitimacy.

Super Travel’s legitimacy depends on several factors, including its licensing, business history, customer reviews and pricing transparency. A travel agency should offer clear terms and conditions, secure payment methods as well as having solid relationships with hotels and airlines that it partners with; in addition to this it should display their logos or affiliations on its website.

Super Travel was previously known as SnapTravel, and has a relatively strong customer following. They provide legitimate booking agency services with flight and hotel options to fit every budget, an intuitive website user interface with support available through email and messaging, positive customer reviews since 2016, and offer support via email and messaging support services. The company has enjoyed positive customer feedback.

Though Super Travel is legitimate, there are still some issues that must be addressed with it. Some users have noted that their hotel reservations were not confirmed, while others claim the company failed to notify them about changes to their flights. It’s essential that users are aware of these potential pitfalls prior to making booking decisions with Super Travel.

As a hotel owner, it is essential that you understand that Super Travel does not act as a direct booking agent; rather it serves as a platform to help travellers discover exclusive discounts. Hotels typically pay an agency a small booking fee in return; this practice is standard across industries.

Before booking any hotel room, it is also vitally important to familiarize yourself with its terms and conditions. Some hotels require guests to have a credit card on file if this is the case for you; in such instances, make sure your booking is refundable in case there are issues with it and can return your funds easily.