Kerala Route – Endless Scenic Routes

Kerala Route - Endless Scenic Routes

Kerala boasts endlessly picturesque roads. A road trip from Munnar to Thekkady, for instance, will take you past tea and spice plantations landscapes while passing small towns and villages that boast breathtaking scenery!

Varkala offers an idyllic beach experience and Kuttanad is known for its vibrant rice fields – both worth considering as great places to stay during your trip.

Kottayam to Vagamon

Vagamon, a small hill town situated along the Kottayam-Idukki border in Idukki district in Kerala is one of the most captivating tourist spots to visit in Kerala. Dotted with lush meadows, captivating waterfalls, majestic pine forests and tea estates; Vagamon also exudes tropical charm making its climate welcoming year-round; additionally it offers exciting trekking and paragliding activities as well.

Nature enthusiasts will adore this destination as it provides all they could desire: breathtaking mist-clad peaks, lush meadows, rugged terrains and aromatic spices will leave you breathless. Ideal for honeymoon couples, families and solo travelers.

Car rental service is the ideal way to discover this stunning destination, and MakeMyTrip makes booking one simple and secure. Simply enter your details online or mobile app, choose from a wide variety of car options, and pay with secure payment methods – everything’s taken care of for you!

Alappuzha to Changanassery

Alappuzha is well known as the Rice Bowl of Kerala and for its backwaters and coconut groves, often being referred to as ‘Venice of the East’ due to its tranquil waterways. As such, many tourist attractions exist here such as houseboat rides and tranquil backwater cruises along its waterways. Furthermore, Alappuzha serves as the starting point of one of India’s most acclaimed boat races: Nehru Trophy Boat Race which occurs annually on Vembanad Lake.

Cochin City is conveniently connected to other parts of Kerala and India via rail, road, and air – its nearest airport being Cochin International Airport an hour’s drive away. Furthermore, KSRTC buses as well as private companies connect Cochin with cities throughout Kerala as well as Delhi Mumbai Chennai.

Cities in Malaysia use asphalt or bitumen as the basis of road construction due to its durability and ability to withstand heavy traffic volumes. Many travellers find travelling by bus an easier and safer option as it takes less time and can cover more ground – the average bus speed being 60km per hour.

Kozhikode to Wayanad

Kozhikode, India is a city located in the northern portion of Kerala that boasts an array of natural landscapes including serene lakes, majestic mountains, and exotic waterfalls. Additionally, this destination is well known for its rich biodiversity which draws wildlife enthusiasts.

Kozhikode’s optimal time to visit is during August to October when rainy season kicks in, when its waterfalls reach their maximum flow and dams fill up completely – as well as enjoying cooler and pleasanter climate conditions than other times of year. For trekking enthusiasts looking for an adventure trip this is also a good season. For fishing adventures consider November through January for best results.

Kozhikode is well connected with other parts of India via buses. Buses from Kozhikode to Wayanad operate hourly and take about 2 hours for the trip, offering amenities like air conditioning, soft reclining seats, and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can book tickets either online or at the bus station; though booking them ahead can help avoid long queues at both. Rome2Rio offers door-to-door travel information and booking engine for international destinations like this, including bus routes and timetables so you can select what best fits for you based on all transport options available (and Rome2Rio helps connects you directly to you so you don’t miss any action when booking!). Rome2Rio provides door-to-door travel information and booking engine for any destination around the world: Rome2Rio provides comprehensive global travel information and booking engines like Rome2Rio is helpful when selecting which route or bus timetable option best fits with what transport options available so that when booking through Rome2Rio, which shows all transport options available (bus routes/timetables so that you choose the appropriate option!). Rome2Rio is an innovative door-to-door travel information engine that provides travel solutions allowing users to navigate worldwide destinations using Rome2Rio’s door-to-door travel booking engine to help find their ideal transport options, whether domestically /domestine provides door/Rio/book engine helps travel information/book engine with the perfect routes/timetable/timetable/option can help for any location/location, showing all available transport options (and timetables/routes so Rome2Rio offers/etc etc…). Rome2Rio provides all available transport options so Rome2Rio makes booking engine helps them with//cook, including bus timetable/timetable/book engine to help them to help reach/from any other global/domit-I// or vice versa+i/Ro travel booking engine/book engine as booking engine/book engine which show various alternatives/book engines so itiner /book engines which shows them.rome 2Rio../rome enables to book//de/fn any destination… etc, etc etc… Rome2Rio/rome2.. Rome2ro travel. Rome2ro to use/book = Rome/when ever!) shows/a – Rome2ra

Munnar to Thekkady

Experience an unforgettable holiday in Munnar & Thekkady with this tour package. Thekkady is known for its Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and provides an ideal jungle experience, while Munnar provides breathtaking mountain vistas complete with lush tea plantations and breathtaking landscapes.

Blue Bird Travels’ Cochin Munnar Thekkady Alleppey Kovalam tour package allows you to experience all that Kerala has to offer! This tour visits some of India’s top tourist hotspots such as Kochi, Munnar’s misty hills, Top Station waterfalls, Alleppey backwaters, and Kovalam beaches; its captivating beauty making this package must-see destination for nature and adventure lovers!

On your first day in Munnar, our representative will pick you up from either an airport or railway station and transport you directly there. En route, stop off at Cheeyappara waterfall to admire its picturesque Western Ghats beauty before reaching Munnar itself where you can relax at your hotel or resort, take guided tours to places such as Eravikulam National Park, Mattupetty Dam, Kundala Lake Mudrapuzha and Viewpoint and experience all that Munnar has to offer!

Alappuzha to Kochi

Kochi is home to some of Kerala’s most beloved attractions. Boasting a diverse cultural background that draws upon influences from Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonization as well as being famed for its vibrant population which shows in their food, music, and art; Kochi stands as an impressive showcase.

Kochi’s backwaters are an intricate system of canals, channels, and lakes which connect coconut palm groves, sleepy villages, and paddy fields – making up what has come to be known as India’s “Venice of the East.” As one of India’s most beautiful and serene waterways, they attract visitors from around the globe.

Kerala tours would not be complete without experiencing its serene backwaters. From Kochi, book a houseboat for an enjoyable journey on the water. There are various sizes, number of rooms and amenities available so choose wisely depending on your budget.

Travel from Alappuzha to Kochi by bus or train – buses may be more cost effective, yet longer journey times. Some buses offer amenities like Wi-Fi, soft reclining seats and bathroom facilities; alternatively you could hire a taxi. Check the latest Kochi-Alappuzha train timings via ixigo!

Thekkady to Munnar

Munnar offers the ideal mountain escape. A charming hill station, it boasts expansive tea plantations as well as some of the finest hotels and resorts in Kerala. Boasting scenic peaks and little streams that create picturesque landscapes for exploring wildlife – Munnar makes a great place to discover paradise!

Trekking and hiking trails abound here, making this an attractive destination for families and couples alike. The hills boast lush forests with breathtaking vistas.

Cheeyapara Waterfalls, one of Munnar’s most stunning sites, should also not be missed. Encased by dense greenery and rugged terrains, this waterfall is a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Munnar and Thekkady are approximately 85 to 90 km apart, depending on which route is taken. Unfortunately, some roads between Munnar and Thekkady can be narrow and broken during rainstorms, creating difficult driving conditions in some spots where trucks or autos come the opposite direction; it may also be unsafe to speed on these narrow roadways; thus Blue Bird Travels recommends hiring a taxi as the safest alternative solution to get between these destinations.

Alappuzha to Alappuzha

Alappuzha is widely recognized as the “Venice of the East” due to its network of backwater canals, lagoons and lakes that provide tourism as well as transportation and fishing opportunities. Alappuzha also boasts numerous historical temples, churches and other cultural landmarks within its city limits.

Attracting visitors from around the globe, this city is well known for its picturesque backwaters and flourishing coir and fishery industries.

Traveling by bus can be an economical and enjoyable way to explore. KSRTC buses are in good condition and safe to ride. Additionally, taxis can easily be found near major attractions as well as at airports and railway stations.

The Nehru Trophy Boat Race takes place every year on Vembanad Lake and is considered to be one of India’s toughest boat races. Villagers across Alappuzha enjoy taking part, with local residents particularly attracted to this popular competition among them villagers and its popularity with respect to its challenging course. Furthermore, Alappuzha is home to the Sree Krishna Temple with its large tank, famed daily offerings of sweet milk porridge offerings and once serving as place for human sacrifice; now instead cocks serve this role instead!