Best Places to Visit in August in India With Family

Best Places to Visit in August in India With Family

August is an exceptional month to explore India. The monsoon season brings lush greenery to many parts of the country and offers cultural enthusiasts a glimpse of India’s vast historical legacy in cities like Delhi with its magnificent Red Fort or Agra’s Taj Mahal.

Munnar in Kerala, often dubbed the “Kashmir of South India,” is an oasis with its sprawling tea estates and stunning hills.


Kodaikanal, nestled within the Western Ghats, offers travellers an idyllic summer escape that promises to delight with its picturesque landscape, lush mountain slopes, and soothing ambience. A favorite with locals as Vattakanal or ‘Little Israel’ due to a high concentration of Israeli visitors; Kodaikanal truly is paradise in every sense!

India’s peak monsoon season, August, offers lush foliage and tranquil settings; nature truly takes center stage during this enchanting experience. Visit the world-famous Valley of Flowers or wander along Diu’s charming beaches – either way India’s monsoon season is sure to enthrall!

Kodaikanal is a scenic hill town in Tamil Nadu that offers beautiful scenery and pleasant temperatures. This idyllic destination centers around Kodaikanal Lake, where boating can be enjoyed with your sweetheart. Bryant Park features beautiful flowers while Coaker’s Walk allows visitors to take in breathtaking panoramic views while also affording access to Silver Cascade Falls at full flow – two must-sees when visiting Kodaikanal!

As part of your August trip to India, Coorg should definitely be on your itinerary. A verdant oasis filled with coffee and spice plantations, known as “Scotland of India”, Coorg is truly breathtaking with its cascading waterfalls, charming colonial buildings, breathtaking scenery and captivating waterfalls.

Coorg is best visited between July and August when you can explore its scenic locales such as Elephant’s Head Point and Arthur’s Seat, Mapro Gardens, Pratapgad Fort and other must-sees.

Kerala is an idyllic paradise with serene backwaters in Alleppey and lush hills of Munnar, stunning natural wonders like Athirapally Waterfalls coming alive during monsoon season, Mawlynnong being one of Asia’s cleanest villages with mesmerizing living root bridge and other attractions that makes for one of the top August travel destinations in India.


August is an unforgettable time to travel through India as it allows travellers to witness its breathtaking natural beauty. The monsoon season enlivens its dry landscape, revitalizing its flora and fauna – mesmerizing travelers. From Kerala’s tranquil backwaters to Athirapally’s captivating waterfalls, visiting India during August offers travelers a feast for the eyes!

Coorg is a hill station in Karnataka that draws tourists year-round, earning it the moniker “Scotland of India”. With lush Western Ghats scenery dotted with verdant hills, cascading waterfalls, spice plantations, temples, majestic forts and charming colonial buildings – it offers something to please every type of traveller! Additionally, this paradise of wildlife includes elephants and tigers for visitors to discover!

Uttarakhand’s Valley of Flowers, also known as India’s Garden of Eden, is another top attraction worth visiting in August in India. Renowned for its lush valley filled with blooming flowers aplenty, it makes an enchanting location that makes trekking there all the more exciting and special.

Coorg is an absolute treat for the senses, from its signature kadumbuttu (steamed rice dumplings) and exotic spice plantations tours, to delectable cuisine that reflects all of its diverse cultural influences and delicacies.

Ooty offers an ideal getaway during monsoon season. With lush vegetation covering this charming hill station and stunning Taj Mahal as landmarks, Ooty makes the perfect romantic destination. Additionally, its capital city of Jaipur adds another colorful spectacle during August.


Hampi used to be difficult to reach; now you can travel there via flight, drive or overnight train from Karnataka’s central Western Ghats region. Dotted with remnants from Vijayanagara Empire temples and monuments – like its 7th-century Virupaksha Temple or Hampi Bazaar and Vittala Temple site. Anegundi offers visitors more features – an ornate Queen’s Bath as well as unique Islamic architecture; nearby Daroji Bear Sanctuary protects endangered Indian sloth bears!

Igatpuri is best visited during August when its breathtaking waterfalls are at their most breathtaking. Tucked into the Sahyadri mountain range, this charming hill town features historical forts, breathtaking waterfalls, and crystal-clear lakes – making it the ideal location for an enjoyable yet peaceful vacation getaway. It also benefits from being less crowded than Lonavala which makes for a more tranquil getaway experience.

Coorg is famed for its lush hills, cascading waterfalls, aromatic spice plantations and charming colonial buildings. Located within Karnataka’s Western Ghats region, this scenic hill station makes a wonderful destination for trekking and hiking – particularly during August rainstorms when its beauty blossoms into breathtaking vistas.

Rainy days make Auli an even more relaxing vacation spot, offering comfortable temperatures during monsoon season and plenty of attractions such as beaches and natural surroundings to discover. There’s plenty to do here too, including visiting one of many charming sea beaches or relaxing at one of several cafes or restaurants offering delicious fare!


Darjeeling, situated in West Bengal and perched atop the foothills of the Himalayas, is one of the top tourist spots to visit during August. Once used as the summer retreat of British Raj, today this charming hill station boasts close ties with Nepal and Tibet which can be seen through food, architecture and language of those living here. Not to forget its natural beauty though as Darjeeling boasts other attractions like Padmaja Naidu Zoo that houses Siberian Tigers; Singalila National Park; various monasteries of great importance!

Munnar, often called the ‘Kashmir of South India,” is an alluring tourist destination known for its lush tea estates and picturesque hills. A favorite among nature enthusiasts, Munnar’s monsoon season provides some breathtaking scenery; waterfalls and lakes here provide some incredible sights that you won’t find elsewhere.

Kerala is another must-see location during India’s rains, offering tranquil backwaters at Alleppey and breathtaking waterfalls at Athirapally that will leave you spellbound. Furthermore, nature lovers will adore exploring sprawling coffee plantations and magnificent temples here; or alternatively opt for Coorg which boasts breathtaking rolling hills and waterways for an alternative scenic adventure.

Diu is one of India’s most peaceful holiday spots, boasting quaint sea beaches and tranquil environs that provide the ideal setting for an relaxing and rejuvenating vacation experience. Additionally, budget travellers will appreciate all of the affordable accommodation and dining options that exist here; not to mention its award-winning cuisine featuring Malvani and Goan influences that is enjoyed here as well as water sports, boating and snorkelling activities!