Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas, its inaugural ship from their new class, offers cutting-edge entertainment and attractions – from rock climbing walls to an interactive surf simulator and everything in between – for an unforgettable voyage experience.

Other attractions include the North Star observation tower and RipCord skydiving simulator. Furthermore, two robotic bars and Vistarama venues provide immersive experiences.


SeaPlex, located on Decks 15 and 16, is the ship’s large indoor complex, featuring bumper cars, roller skating, full basketball court with dance floor capabilities at nighttime, circus school offering activities like juggling and lyra hoops as well as its first of its kind flying trapeze school on sea. Smart cruisers should visit this space early so as to not miss it on embarkation day!

Royal Caribbean has an impressive legacy of innovation on the high seas and continues to push the envelope with their Quantum-class ships. While their Oasis-class fleet offers attractions like ziplines and carousels, their Quantum-class fleet boasts even more impressive entertainment facilities like Two70 for breathtaking performances with 360 degree ocean views; North Star observation pod; Ripcord by iFLY skydiving simulator at sea are just a few more features worth noting.

One of the most revolutionary new additions on quantum-class ships is SeaPlex, the largest leisure centre at sea and an extreme departure from traditional leisure zones found elsewhere on Royal Caribbean ships. Ideal for families, its best feature is that it is undercover – an important consideration if playing sports outside in hot sun can become tiresome!

Odyssey of the Seas features an innovative Virtual Reality arcade – one of the most advanced ever seen on a cruise ship – with VR games for individual and group play, as well as high-tech competition walls and floors to add another dimension.

North Star

Since ancient times, sailors at sea have relied on the North Star (known in scientific parlance as Polaris) as an aid to navigating. This bright star seems fixed in place and provides more accurate latitude measurement than a simple compass can do.

Polaris marks the point in the night sky which marks due north, while all other stars seem to revolve around it. Therefore, it serves as an excellent indicator for celestial north, and has long been utilized by navigators worldwide as such a beacon.

Though it isn’t the brightest or largest star in the sky, its unique position makes it a useful landmark for navigation both land and sea. Situated within Ursa Minor constellation and visible as one end star in Little Dipper handle. Unlike most stars which appear to move around it at night sky levels.

Additionally, its position almost directly over Earth’s northern axis makes the North Star an excellent tool for navigation. Navigators used the North Star as a compass before modern tools became available – the North Star remains an invaluable navigational aid today.

Polaris was not always this bright – Thuban in Draco served as the northern pole star around 2500 BC while Kochab (known also as Beta Ursae Minoris) held that position 400 BC. Indeed, Polaris may now appear 2.5 times brighter today than when first catalogued by Ptolemy!

As the Earth spins, its projection of an axis onto the celestial sphere causes Polaris to trace a circle in the night sky for approximately 26,000 years – this process is known as precession and after it completes it will no longer serve as our guide star – eventually giving way to another star who will take its place as our pointer star.


Two70, an immersive entertainment venue on Royal Caribbean ships like Quantum of the Seas and other ships like it, stands apart from anything else available at sea. Combining live performances with breathtaking multimedia visuals on a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows, Two70 provides an extraordinary entertainment experience. To gain more insight into what technology makes Two70 possible we spoke with Tim Magill, designer at 5+design who helped develop Two70.

Vistarama, Two70’s signature projection system, can transform its giant windows into any scene imaginable using 18 projectors to produce an incredible surface measuring over 100 feet wide by 20 feet tall at 12K resolution – perfect for showing breathtaking ocean views, sprawling rooms or cityscapes as well as real-time ship navigation data and weather updates!

Royal Caribbean’s Spectra’s Cabaret, with music, dance, and Vistaramas will certainly be one of the highlights of your cruise vacation! Two70 hosts this unforgettable show regularly for your enjoyment – something no other cruise line offers.

Two70 also offers an innovative feature called the Bionic Bar, featuring robot bartenders who serve drinks to guests through iPad apps. Guests can experience cocktails like cotton canditini, highwired crescendo and kaleidoscope with ease while onboard a cruise with Two70’s exclusive drinks packages (Ultimate or Premium); alternatively guests may order them a la carte from this venue if desired. The Bionic Bar is available on all Quantum Class ships allowing guests to enjoy unique cocktails like cotton canditini, highwired crescendo and kaleidoscope! Guests can experience these drinks a la carte or as part of Ultimate or Premium drink packages; alternatively guests may order these specialties a la carte should their Ultimate/Premium drink package isn’t applicable.

Bionic Bar

Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas features an incredible robotic display on board; two drink-slinging robot arms sweeping along its entire length can produce two drinks every minute at an astonishing 1,000 orders per day rate – truly an extraordinary display with pistons and robotic hands dancing between each other for two drinks per minute production! One of Royal Caribbean’s new Quantum ships, this Bionic Bar stands out among cruise ships as one of the most breathtaking robotic displays seen today.

The bar’s menu boasts classics and signature drinks, but you can also customize your own creation. When it’s time, just choose a spirit, mixer and up to 21 ingredients before creating your signature drink – the robot arm codes it immediately and allows you to have it shaken, stirred or even choose an icy option before dispensing to you in a plastic cup from the bartender!

Once your drink is ready, you have the freedom to sit back and enjoy it, or walk off and go somewhere else on the ship. There’s no time or number-of-drinks limit; non-alcoholic drinks are also available. Guests with an active Royal Caribbean Drink Package voucher can use their voucher at Bionic Bar.

Royal Caribbean’s Quantum Class ships were designed with innovation in mind, from skydiving simulators at sea to glass capsules on mechanical arms that rise high above the ship for bird’s-eye views. If you want a glimpse of all these innovative features for yourself, take our photo tour of Quantum of the Seas or click here for the best deals on Royal Caribbean cruises!


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