The Best Beaches in Mazatlan


Under Porfiriato’s rule, Mazatlan became a wealthy port that prided itself on being both culturally sophisticated and educationally advanced. Yet one custom stood out as an extreme form of barbarism: The Game of Flour.

Mazatlan’s mercado is an experience in and of itself, offering traditional Mexican shopping experience with vendors selling everything from leather goods to hanging meats.


Mazatlan beaches provide plenty of room to unwind under a palapa with cold cerveza and shrimp tacos or sunbathe while watching sunset, whatever your preference. At peak seasons however, these shores can become overrun with tourists and locals alike; but recent renovations have made enjoying some of Mazatlan’s top beaches easier: Beachfront parks, revamped Centro Historico and an easier path up El Faro have all added an additional appeal to this city – as well as being located directly in its path during 2024 total solar eclipse – surefire way of seeing some celestial spectacle!

Mazatlan’s beaches may seem intimidating at first, with strong currents and undertows present on many of them. But with careful selection of swimming areas and taking advantage of stunning coastal scenery, you will discover safe swimming zones, serene atmosphere and spectacular sights along its coast.

Playa Sabalo is an idyllic beach at the northern end of Zona Dorada. Home to a large expat community and frequent events such as Dia de Los Muertos festival and Carnival parades as well as summer farmer’s market sales, it also has many restaurants and bars to offer its visitors.

Playa Norte is an ideal location for beginners looking to try surfing, with long stretches of sandy beach and seaside promenade, waves that can be forceful yet relatively safe waves; not much of a drop off for more experienced surfers; fishing also being very popular activities here.

Playa Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island Beach) is another worthwhile destination in Mazatlan. Though located a bit further from the center, this beach offers a peaceful environment and shallow waters ideal for enjoying swimming time in peace and serenity. Additionally, this large stretch of shore offers great swimming conditions suitable for families with young children.

Mazatlan’s island beaches provide more seclusion and seductive solitude than those on its mainland coast, often having more wind but offering scenic and private ambiance. Playa El Delfin (Dolphin Beach) is popular with locals; this idyllic spot allows them to watch fishing boats sail out to sea while reading books or just basking in Mexican sunshine.


Mazatlan offers great nightlife experiences, whether you want to party hard at Valentino’s disco club or simply watch locals dancing to mariachi music from local mariachi groups. Unlike most Mexican cities, however, its clubs don’t tend to be packed full of tourists; local wisdom says cartels don’t care much for gringos and foreigners as customers; rather consider it more of an international business opportunity rather than criminal enterprise.

Zona Dorada and La Marina areas boast some of the finest bars and clubs. All within walking distance from each other, making bar hopping during high season weekends easier than ever.

At nighttime, both Centro Historico and Olas Altas offer a wealth of nighttime entertainment options. Cobblestone streets, turn-of-the-century colonial buildings (both restored and in ruin), peaceful plazas and vibrant cultural and culinary scenes make this area worth exploring. Don’t miss El Presidio/Casa Garcia (restaurant/bar set within an old hacienda), Casa Etnika selling exquisite Mexican artisan crafts or any show held at Angela Peralta Theater (housed within an exquisite 1800s building).

Fandangos Nightclub in the Golden Zone offers another opportunity for entertainment – particularly those interested in Mexican traditional banda music (Banda). Locals from northern Mexico frequent this club; you won’t usually spot foreigners.

There are numerous smaller, intimate clubs in the Golden Zone including Cherry and El Caracol. If you prefer something a bit upscale and modern, Senor Frogs with its pool inside offers more upscale entertainment; used to be open regularly but now only opens occasionally due to special events. There are also two large beach clubs located within its boundaries called Sumbawa and El Toro Bravo which both remain closed permanently.


Mazatlan offers more than its fair share of beautiful beaches, centuries of tradition, and vibrant nightlife; it is also an unmissable culinary destination. Offering a selection of cuisines and restaurants offering mouthwatering seafood dishes and other regional produce.

Foodies in San Antonio will find authentic family-run eateries serving traditional dishes with an international flare at affordable prices. These establishments, commonly referred to as Cenadurias, often boast longstanding roots serving loyal customers for generations – providing casual yet relaxed environments as well as homestyle comfort food at very reasonable prices.

Some of the area’s most beloved dishes include tilapia, tacos al pastor and aguachile; other favorites are shrimp ceviche, grilled octopus, cheese-stuffed shrimp quesadillas and papas locas.

Street-cart vendors provide another great opportunity to taste some of Mazatlan’s traditional fare. Corn-on-the-Cob is an absolute must; though not quite as sweet as what many Americans or Canadians are used to eating, this delicious Mexican treat should still satisfy. They usually come smothered in butter before being spiced up with chili powder or, sometimes even more adventurously served up mixed with mayonnaise and sour cream!

Mazatlan restaurants specialize in French and Italian cuisine, with Hector’s Bistro being one of the star attractions. Hector Peniche was once employed at London’s Four Seasons before relocating to Mazatlan after training in the US and working at several high-end establishments worldwide.

Hector’s Bistro is a favorite among both tourists and locals. The dining area features paintings depicting Mazatlan’s historic district, while its glass wall allows beach views. A must for gourmet travelers looking to sample modern European dishes heavily influenced by Sinaloa flavors, Hector’s is also home to an annual Gastronomical Festival which brings international chefs together with local ingredients for a feast that showcases Sinaloan cuisine while encouraging culinary students to discover more.


Culture in this town is deeply rooted in local traditions and history, while it also plays host to several art galleries and artist studios – most notably being Angela Peralta Theater as it hosts works from local as well as international artists.

Mazatlan is also renowned for being an ideal destination for taking dance classes, learning Spanish or taking advantage of its vibrant nightlife. Additionally, there is an active music scene within Mazatlan that features various small orchestras and bands performing throughout the year.

Mazatlan offers a variety of sports activities for residents and visitors, such as volleyball, soccer and football. Beachgoers both locals and visitors enjoy relaxing on its soft sand and gentle waves; additionally the city is well known for its delicious seafood offerings that allow visitors to sample different dishes.

The city takes its name from the Nahuatl term for deer place: mazatl. This area features tabachines, eucalyptus trees, laurels and poplars for its vegetation; while its fauna includes ducks, herons and pelicans among others as well as white-tailed deers that roam free within its boundaries.

One of the highlights of Carnival in Mazatlan is the parades of the kings, an age-old tradition which dates back to 1898 when carnival evolved from being organized spontaneously by local residents to becoming organized through a civil committee known as the Junta (one of its kind in Mexico).

To crown its kings, the baseball stadium is transformed to fit each coronation: sets are created for every coronation ceremony; towers and beams of light are installed; speakers and monitors are set up; ramps and levels are built – in short, this carnival brings together two great passions of Mazatlecos: baseball and carnival.

Sinaloa boasts its own distinct style of band music that features strong phrasing reminiscent of Western European styles, along with wind instruments and percussion reminiscent of Galo-Iberico fanfare styles.

Mazatlan offers a unique dining experience in its cenaduria restaurants, where simple comfort food is served up in an intimate and welcoming setting. These establishments often serve generations of loyal customers from mid to late afternoon until 11:00 pm or when their supply runs out, which allows you to experience true Mexican hospitality!