The Distance to Hampi

The Distance to Hampi

Hampi’s temple ruins and monuments provide a breathtaking sight. Additionally, you’ll get to enjoy breathtaking sunset views if you visit this destination by bus or train – ideal ways to navigate Hampi!

KSRTC buses make the journey from Bangalore to Hampi possible in around eight to ten hours, providing frequent opportunities to stop along the way and capture amazing photographs. Plus, taking breaks for photographs could add even more memorable experiences along your route!

Distance from Hospet

Hampi is located in Karnataka state in southern India. This ancient city features numerous Vijayanagara Empire relics such as temple complexes from Vijayanagara Empire’s Vijayanagara Empire; Tungabhadra River flows through town offering idyllic settings. Hampi is best known for the Virupaksha Temple dedicated to Hindu god Vishnu as well as the remains of Royal Palace which should not be missed when visiting Hampi.

Hampi should be visited from October to March when its climate is optimal for outdoor sightseeing, when temperatures range from mild and comfortable to pleasant and should never be explored alone at night in its ruins. Autowallahs know all around Hampi well, making their services reliable; bargain hard before availing themselves. Travellers should carry water bottles to prevent dehydration.

Traveling by bus from Hospet to Hampi from Karnataka can be made easier. KSRTC buses run regularly from cities throughout Karnataka as well as Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Goa; additionally there are several private operators providing shuttle bus service on this route.

Hampi from Hospet Bus Stand can take approximately 20-30 minutes, with last buses departing around 8 PM. A taxi may also be an option, though typically more costly. You could also book a multicity cab, starting in Hospet and covering Hampi and Badami – making the daily visit less of an effort!

AbhiBus makes booking bus tickets from Hospet to Hampi an effortless process with tickets available 24/7 on its platform and mobile app, and partners with top bus operators for a wide variety of buses: AC Semi-Sleeper, AC Sleeper, NON AC Seater and Volvo buses are available.

Hospet to Hampi can be an exciting and memorable journey if planned well in advance, with tickets purchased a week in advance and reading reviews online to ensure quality service is provided.

Distance from Mysore

Hampi is an historic town and UNESCO World Heritage Site which preserves remnants of the erstwhile Vijayanagara empire. A must-visit for both history buffs and adventure seekers, Hampi offers captivating temples, ruins and monoliths from this former kingdom which have withstood time beautifully – not to mention coracle rides, chill vibes and history hikes to enjoy!

Mysore to Hampi can be reached easily by bus or car, making the trip comfortable and scenic. Winter through spring are ideal times to visit this historic city as they feature pleasant temperatures with dryness. Monsoon rains also provide refreshing experiences; visitors should avoid traveling around hilly regions during periods of heavy rainfall.

GoIbibo is an online booking portal offering buses from Mysore to Hampi, and provides various options. Their user-friendly platform makes choosing and purchasing tickets at competitive prices easy; GoIbibo’s selection includes AC buses, Volvo buses, non-AC buses and seater buses with multiple pick-up and drop points to provide maximum convenience for travellers.

Buses offer budget travellers an economical means of transportation; however, their schedules do not always make the promised timeframe. Factors influencing their journey duration include traffic congestion and road/surface repairs as well as long weekends and peak season periods that cause departure and arrival delays. Still, Mysore to Hampi bus fares remain competitively priced making them an attractive option.

Buses and trains both offer transportation between Mysore and Hampi; however, the nearest railway station is Hospet 14 kilometers from Hampi and may require additional stops if traveling from another city than Mysore. Renting a taxi may be more suitable if traveling in large groups.

Distance from Goa

Goa to Hampi can be reached in several ways, including bus, train, taxi and flying. Flying tends to be the more costly of these methods of travel unless a cheap ticket can be found.

Bus travel between Goa and Hampi is often the cheapest method, costing an average ticket price of approximately Rs 600 and taking between 7 to 8 hours to arrive there. Volvo and non-AC sleeper buses are both available and you may even see beautiful views such as Western Ghats or Dudhsagar Waterfalls which boast breathtaking Mandovi River jumps!

Depending on your time constraints, train travel may be your best bet if you want to arrive quickly and for less. While booking tickets early is often essential to avoid disappointment as Goa-Hampi trains usually depart early morning – meaning an earlier start time!

Hiring a private car from your hotel is also a good choice if traveling in large groups; this option also makes traveling with young children or elderly people much simpler. Rental companies in Goa offer budget options; be sure to reserve them ahead of time though!

Your other option for getting from Goa to Hampi would be taking one of the local government buses; these tend to be slower, but they’re usually much cheaper and feature reclining seats for increased comfort. If visiting Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is on your itinerary, stay overnight at Kadumane Homestay which is close by.

Air travel from Goa to Hampi is both the fastest and most costly means of reaching Hampi; however, you might find some great bargains as low as $142. When planning your budget for air travel from Goa to Hampi be sure to consider factors like travel time between airport and destination, check-in, security procedures, waiting time at airport etc.

Distance from Bangalore

If you’re visiting Hampi from Bangalore, there are various options for reaching it. A flight may be the fastest and most affordable route; alternatively, bus rides can also take approximately 6-7 hours from Bangalore depending on traffic conditions.

There are no direct flights from Bangalore to Hampi; however, connecting flights are available from two nearby airports: Bellary and JSW Vidyanagar – that offer connecting flights. Unfortunately there are only four weekly flights between these airports and Bangalore so be sure to book early if traveling during peak seasons.

Bangalore and Hampi are approximately 343km apart and can be covered in six hours by car. While there are various routes from Bangalore to reach Hampi from Bangalore, Hospet is most often recommended as the fastest route. While visiting Hampi make sure to visit Virupaksha Temple as well as other significant landmarks.

Explore Hampi’s stunning sandstone structures, like musical pillars and royal enclosure. Visiting all this city offers will fill a full day – you should also see Pushkarani Pond and Queen’s Bath among other must-see attractions!

Bus is one of the most convenient ways to travel from Bangalore to Hampi, with multiple buses running along this route and offering different prices depending on which seat type is selected. Most buses feature air-conditioning and seats can typically be reserved in advance; purchasing tickets online allows for guaranteed seating without long queues at the bus stand.

The total bus travel time from Bangalore to Hampi depends on several factors, including bus operator, road route and break duration. You can view bus timings and fare online when purchasing tickets; while onboard you may wish to visit restaurants or snack shops along the route to rejuvenate yourself. It may also be wise to ensure you keep enough water and snacks handy during your journey.