Travel From Hampi to Kerala

Travel From Hampi to Kerala

On top of the hill is Hanuman’s Shrine – an amazing mythological monkey god with stunning views from here.

Discover the magnificent ruins of Hampi and relax beside its beaches in Kerala. Visit regal Hyderabad, see wildlife at Nagarhole National Park and colonial Kochi before embarking on a 3-night Kerala backwaters cruise.

1. Flights

One of the quickest and easiest ways to travel from Hampi to Kerala is via flight; multiple daily flights run between Bangalore and Kochi/Trivandrum. You could also opt for taking a flight from Bangalore to Bellary before driving 5-6 hours from Bellary to Hampi; along the way you may visit Aihole and Pattadakallu temples as well as Evolve Back Kamalapura Resort which features rooms decorated in medieval-inspired rooms featuring plush fabrics, grand bathrooms, and private plunge pools – rooms designed in medieval style rooms featuring plush fabrics, grand bathrooms, plus private plunge pools!

On Day Two, you will visit Hampi ruins as part of your tour of India’s ancient history and UNESCO World Heritage site. These magnificent remnants will take you back in time with palaces, shrines, pillars and other vestiges that attest to its rich past – not forgetting remnants from Vijayanagar empire! Vittala Temple Complex’s 56 musical pillars is sure to make this day’s visit unforgettable!

After lunch, you will have some free time to explore Hampi on your own. Make sure to visit the Virupaksha Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu for its intricate carvings and sculptural ornamentation; there are also plenty of restaurants and shops in the vicinity.

After breakfast, you will be transported to Lakkundi. This village features many ruined temples such as Mallikarjuna, Virabhadra, Manikeshwara Nanneshwara Lakshminarayana. Once finished exploring these relics, we will return back to your hotel.

Are you curious to gain more insight into India’s ancient past? Consider booking a visit to Hampi. There are various packages online which offer tours of Kerala as well.

2. Train

Train enthusiasts looking to travel from Hampi to Kerala by rail have several options available to them. Hospet station near Hampi hosts the “Hampi Express.” Beginning your trip in Bangalore can also include visiting Mysore (City of Palaces).

Train rides usually last about 7.5 hours from Goa and provide plenty of stops along the way, providing a unique glimpse of India’s safe and comfortable railway system. Trains here differ slightly from western ones in design but still provide ample comfort; often filled with young people creating an engaging and unforgettable journey!

From the train, take either a bus or rickshaw to reach Hampi. Both services should have advertisements in both English and Hindi to make finding one easy; if that fails, ask someone from Hampi or who seems like they work at the bus stop for advice!

Once in Hampi, check into your hotel and spend some time exploring its historical monuments and temples, such as Hemukuta Hill with stunning views across its entire temple complex, Lakkundi with many ruined Hindu temples such as Mallikarjuna, Virabhadra, Manikeshwara Nanneshwara Someshwara Nilakanteshwara as well as its world renowned Sidapur coffee! After several days, pack your things and return to the train station so you can catch your return train journey home.

3. Bus

Hampi, India is a village located in Karnataka that sits along the River Tungabhadra and recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Here, the remnants of Vijayanagar Empire reign supreme, inspiring thoughts of lost kingdoms and fairy tales; an enchanting sandstone landscape makes Hampi one of India’s most captivating spots.

Hampi may not be reachable via direct flight from Kerala, but you can fly into Bangalore and then catch a bus ride directly from there. Additionally, trains such as Howrah Express and Hampi Express also run between Goa and Hospet if this option appeals.

Once you arrive at Hospet railway station, auto rickshaws to Hampi typically cost 150 rupees (US$2) each way. Buses heading directly towards Hampi should bear “Hampi” written in English on them – if having difficulty, seek assistance from shop owners or someone working nearby the station.

Evolve Back Kamalapura offers you an idyllic base in Hampi. This expansive and idyllic complex boasts 46 elegant rooms and suites inspired by medieval kingdoms – each room comes complete with plush fabrics and grand bathrooms – while there’s even an in-house plunge pool!

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4. Taxi

Car is the optimal way to travel from Hampi to Kerala; it is fast, affordable and reliable. Additionally, you can hire one any time of day; just ensure to book it far enough in advance so as to avoid last minute problems with booking it later on and select a reliable cab service for safety purposes.

At its height in December, January and February, thousands of backpackers travel to Hampi for its stunning architecture, culture and breathtaking landscapes – an UNESCO World Heritage Site – for one month or longer to appreciate its beautiful architecture, culture and landscapes. Although temperatures tend to be cooler during this season, it remains quite crowded and humid.

Hampi is an impressive collection of temple complexes, ruins and boulder hills scattered over an expansive riverine area. The views from Hemakuta Hill are truly incredible and winter is the best time to visit for cooling temperatures and dry conditions when you can have the place all to yourself!

Hampi temples are generally free, while some do charge a nominal fee for photographs that goes towards preservation – usually less than $1 in total, it shouldn’t be too costly.

Travel from Hampi to Kerala by train, bus, or taxi is possible via 12Go Asia’s online ticket reservation platform, offering fixed prices with booking guarantees from past customers. Booking your ticket this way makes the experience far simpler and safer than dealing with street vendors or obscure Indian travel agencies; additionally download their App to access best rates while making reservations on-the-go!

5. Boat

After spending time exploring Hampi’s ancient ruins and bustling bazaar, it may be time to venture to Kerala in South India. Well-known for its idyllic palm-shaded backwaters and emerald waters which stretch for miles across the Arabian Sea, Kerala makes an excellent South India travel destination that should be enjoyed at your own pace – perhaps taking a houseboat cruise may be the ideal way to experience this unique landscape!

Hampi is an extraordinary experience to explore on foot or by horseback, from climbing Hemakuta Hill temples and strolling the Virupaksha and Vittala temple complexes to sipping tea at one of the riverside cafes – there’s much to find and experience in this enchanting village! When ready, climb Matanga Hill for breathtaking sunset views or cruise down Tungabhadra River aboard a traditional basket-shaped coracle boat ride called coracle ride – no matter your choice!

To experience the best of India’s backwaters, visit between October – March when temperatures are cooler and less humid, though prices will likely be higher during this peak season. If crowds don’t bother you, monsoon months such as July-September also offer lovely scenery; although heavy rainfall may make viewing the beautiful green backwaters difficult.

Finding your way from Hampi to Kerala shouldn’t be difficult – with flights, trains and buses all departing daily from Hospet Junction. To compare these options and decide what would best fit you click any of the buttons below to view step-by-step directions and ticket prices via Rome2Rio’s travel planner – and don’t forget our handy list of activities; we have found all of the top things to do in Hampi!