5 Must-See Trekking Spots in Yercaud

5 Must-See Trekking Spots in Yercaud

Yercaud is a beautiful hill station tucked amongst the rolling Shevaroy Hills and provides an exciting escape from city life’s daily rigors with outdoor adventure games and recreational activities for an enjoyable retreat experience.

Tippu Viewpoint and Montfort School are among Yercaud’s many historical attractions worth seeing, while Shevaroy Temple draws followers from all across India.

Kiliyur Falls

Kiliyur Falls are one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Tamil Nadu’s Shevaroyan Hill Range of Eastern Ghats and should not be missed by trekking enthusiasts and tourist alike. They were formed when water from Yercaud Lake overflowed and fell from an altitude of 91 meters down into Kiliyur Valley – making this an essential tourist destination and trekking must-see spot! If you enjoy trekking, make time to visit Kiliyur Falls as it will leave you charmed by its beautiful surroundings and breathtaking panorama – don’t miss it!

To reach this picturesque destination from Yercaud lake, it requires hiking for 2.5 kilometers on an unpaved pathway. While this trek may be strenuous and not suitable for elderly or those with physical issues, its breathtaking scenery more than makes up for its difficulty: expect to encounter bare metal staircases which appear to descend into green valleys, estates of orange and coffee trees as well as other fascinating sights along your journey.

The waterfall is a popular recreational site and provides breathtaking views of its surrounding valley. Furthermore, it serves as an excellent location for photography. Furthermore, during monsoon season the water level rises dramatically, making for an amazing sight and providing the ideal place for picnics and leisure outings.

Yercaud offers several noteworthy sightseeing attractions beyond Kiliyur Falls, such as Bear’s Cave, Anna Park, Servarayan Temple and Lady’s Seat (formerly popular among British female residents in Yercaud for recreational purposes); Lady’s Seat has become famous for its picturesque vista of clouds, mists and greenery.

Additionally, Yercaud offers an abundance of restaurants and cafes as well as hotels and lodges offering various packages designed to appeal to different kinds of tourists throughout the year. Furthermore, these can be tailored specifically to your preferences and budget; therefore it’s wise to plan your visit early to avoid last minute disappointments and make hotel reservations so as to guarantee yourself a room at an acceptable cost.

Tippery Viewpoint

Tippery Viewpoint is one of the most captivating tourist spots in Yercaud. Situated 2 kilometers away from Yercaud Bus Stand and easily reachable via Tippery Road, this southern spot provides stunning views of woodlands, greeneries, steep rocky peaks, beautiful lakes with mesmerising scenery as well as magical lake renowned for its magical views – making this location very popular with adventure lovers who enjoy trekking to experience all it has to offer!

Yercaud Hill Station, known by its Tamil name of “yeri kaadu,” meaning lake forest, boasts scenic landscapes characterized by coffee and orange plantations that make it the ideal getaway for nature enthusiasts. It is known for its picturesque lakes such as Emerald and Big Lakes which attract nature enthusiasts who wish to get close to nature. It also makes an excellent home base for trekking trips in nearby hillsides.

Yercaud is an ideal spot for family vacations. The peaceful atmosphere and stunning landscape make for an idyllic escape from city life, offering peace and serenity as you unwind in this peaceful locale. Additionally, hiking and trekking enthusiasts will appreciate its numerous scenic viewpoints like Lady’s Seat, Pagoda Point and Servarayan Temple – making for an excellent daytrip!

Yercaud offers visitors an array of experiences, ranging from luxurious resorts and local cuisine to unique shopping opportunities. The town combines elements from both Tamil and Andhra cultures in its cuisine – think idli, dosa and vada dishes! For shopping purposes there is a large variety of boutiques selling handicrafts, spices and flowers.

Yercaud is easily accessible from major cities in South India, with excellent road connections. The nearest airport is Salem and railway station 30 kilometers away; taxis or buses can take visitors directly into Yercaud from here. October through June are considered prime months to visit this scenic town as the weather is typically pleasant while its hills bloom with lush foliage.

Yercaud Loop Road

Loop Road in Yercaud is one of the most stunning sights to see and is an uncrowded 32 kilometer loop with multiple hairpin bends adorned with vibrant greenery. A scenic drive, this scenic drive may not be very well-known among visitors, so the best time to visit would be first thing in the morning as less people will likely visit then. Rent a car and follow this loop; be sure to bring snacks and water because there will be many stunning spots along the way that deserve stopping!

There are a variety of things to do in Yercaud, such as visiting the Shevaroy Temple and traversing its exciting Loop Road. The Shevaroy Temple is dedicated to Lord Shevaroyan and sits atop a mountain. Surrounded by forests and caves, its air is said to be pure; local tribal members visit it during their annual festival held annually in May.

Yercaud is well-known for its numerous deer parks and wildlife attractions. These parks provide a great place for families to spend the day, featuring animals such as peacocks, guinea pigs, bunnies and ducks – many even feature viewing towers to provide breathtaking views of Salem town and its surroundings.

Kiliyur Falls are another must-see attraction in Yercaud for nature lovers and make for stunning waterfall viewing during monsoon season, when water levels in it rise dramatically allowing visitors to bathe under its cascading waters.

Yercaud in Tamil Nadu boasts some of the most stunning and peaceful landscapes. This idyllic spot provides an ideal refuge from city life; nature lovers should definitely pay it a visit, as there are activities galore available here to keep visitors occupied while at ease. Plus, its scenic views and lush natural environment make Yercaud the ideal location for family trips or romantic retreats alike!

Shevaroy Temple

At an elevation of 5326 feet, this temple marks the highest viewpoint in Yercaud. A cave temple carved into the rock face, its sanctum houses idols of Lord Shevaroyan and Goddess Kaveri who are worshipped by tribal residents of Shevaroyan hills while latter serves as guardian deities to 67 villages surrounding Yercaud. As this is one of the most important places in Yercaud, devotees from across Kerala flock here regularly.

The temple is bathed in the waters of Kaveri River, adding to its beauty. Water runs from its source through the sanctum to sprinkle on idols while falling upon trees and plants surrounding the area providing fresh air and beautifying the surroundings. Perfect for visiting with friends or family for prayers as well as enjoying panoramic views of surrounding hills and the charming town of Yercaud from here!

Locals believe that throwing coins into the temple’s wishing well will help realize your dreams. Other attractions at Shevaroy Temple include an ancient tunnel thought to connect to a hidden village and bear’s caves; additionally, during May festival dedicated to Lord Shevaroyan and Goddess Kaveri it wears an even more festive appearance!

For an unforgettable visit of Shevaroy Temple, it is necessary to reach Salem first and then travel by bus or taxi from there. Train travel is recommended as there are frequent trains from Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai which arrive at Salem railway station; from here rickshaws or taxis can take you directly to Shevaroy Temple; your visit to this extraordinary site will surely leave an indelible mark in your mind!