Velliangiri Hills South Kailash

Velliangiri Hills are an increasingly popular pilgrimage site. Dubbed “Kailash of the South,” these hills have deep spiritual meaning. Additionally, they host an abundance of wildlife. A social organization is conducting a cleanup drive in this region.

Trekking mountains during Panguni and Chithirai months is ideal. Please help protect our environment by not littering and supporting forest people by collecting plastic waste.

Velliangiri Hills 2023

Velliangiri hills

Velliangiri Hills offer spiritual seekers an adventure. A pilgrim destination and trekker favorite alike, this mountain is also known as Kailash of the South (in honor of Lord Shiva) and has its own temple located about 40km away from Coimbatore city – although for beginners the trek may prove challenging.

As this path begins at a temple and is fairly steep, it’s best to remove your shoes before beginning your climb. While this might feel cumbersome for some people, better safe than sorry! The trail is well marked with arrows so following along should be no problem – once at Aandi Sonai you can take a rest stop to replenish yourself before continuing along your way homewards.

The next leg of your trek should be much simpler and comprise of both steps and plains, making for an easier walking experience. Be sure to pack lunch and plenty of water – plastic bottles could harm wildlife as well as pollute the environment!

Velliangiri temple

Velliangiri Hills offer one of the toughest trekking challenges in Coimbatore. Situated within the western ghats and part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, these hills have long been a magnet for adventure seekers as well as pilgrims seeking religious refuge. Additionally, these hills serve as watershed for Noyyal River to ensure Coimbatore receives fresh drinking water supplies.

The hills are home to an iconic Lord Shiva temple that draws many devotees each year, dedicated to Swayambu, an aspect of Shiva that symbolizes self-creation. Additionally, Maha Shivaratri celebrations take place here each year with great gusto.

A trek up the first hill typically takes 30-45 minutes and involves both step and plain treks, making it the hardest of all seven hills. Be sure to bring water and a stick (temple authorities sell these at Rs 30 each), as weather can quickly become either hot or cold depending on when and how high you climb the mountain. Please be aware that heart patients should refrain from ascending this peak.

Velliangiri Hills Lord Siva God

Velliangiri hills height

Velliangiri hills, located 40 km southwest of Coimbatore city in Tamil Nadu, are an extremely popular pilgrim destination and hill station. Surrounded by dense forests and wildlife as well as rare herbs found only there, Velliangiri offers pilgrims the chance to worship Lord Shiva at one of his sacred temples on top of each peak of its mountain – many visitors flock here during 15th day of Tamil months Panguni, Maasi and Chitirai to do just this!

Between February and May is an ideal time for mountain trekking, when weather is cooler and trekking easier. Climbs may be steep and potentially hazardous; uneven ground could result in ankle injuries; therefore it is advisable to bring along a pair of trekking shoes as protection.

On top of this mountain is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva as Swayambhu and part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve with plenty of natural resources including Noyyal river that originates here and forms one of its major tributaries – part of Cauvery River system; home for numerous birds and animals as well as being where many sages and seers attained Samadhi (spiritual bliss).

Velliangiri sivan temple

Velliangiri Sivan Temple in Tamil nadu is one of the premier spiritual destinations, dedicated to Lord Shiva. For over 1200 years it has hosted special poojas and Annadhanam ceremonies at its site – offering visitors a serene spiritual experience among stunning natural surroundings. Furthermore, this spiritual landmark remains free for visitors.

This hill’s cave temple contains five swayambhu lingams that represent all five forms of Lord Shiva – or Panchalingas – hence it being known as a Pancha Lingas Temple. Nestled amidst lush greenery, these hills provide a peaceful environment that serves as an excellent meditation spot for sages and siddhas alike.

Belovers of Lord Siva should pay this sacred site a visit. While visiting, make sure not to litter or leave behind wastes – remember, this place belongs to nature, animals, and plants which call this area their home! Respect these resources by refraining from littering or dropping waste anywhere on the ground and by not climbing trees as this goes against ethics of this site.

Velliangiri 7 hills distance & height

Velliangiri is best-known for the Seven Hills Trek, an exciting spiritual journey. The trek offers various activities and attractions, with steep climbing taking 30-40 minutes for completion on each hill; two and three consisting of steps and plains; while four and five offer stunning views over valleys below.

Trekking Velliangiri 7 Hills can be difficult and dangerous during rainy season due to slippery wet paths and rock surfaces that could prove hazardous. Therefore, you should bring along raincoats and water bottles in case any accidents arise during your trek; furthermore it would be prudent to travel in groups of 10-15 people for safety.

Velliangiri hills are home to numerous waterfalls. Popular picnic spots include Kovai Kutralam Falls and Monkey Falls; both waterfalls can make your trek all the more exciting and entertaining. Furthermore, visiting these stunning landmarks adds even more enjoyment on your journey up velliangiri hill! Plus don’t miss the Gedee Car Museum with its rare collection of vintage and classic cars.

Velliangiri hills animals

Velliangiri hills boast abundant floral life and their medicinal uses are highly esteemed among Malasars. Villagers living at Velliangiri depend heavily on this plant-life for food, drink and health purposes; having amassed extensive knowledge about its properties over time. Unfortunately there are several obstacles preventing proper dissemination of their knowledge such as poor communication channels or modern healthcare systems encroaching upon it all.

Velliangiri is home to stunning waterfalls and forests. Siruvani Waterfalls near Velliangiri Hills is an attractive sight, inviting visitors to relax under its cool waters and take in stunning panoramic views of nearby valleys and forests. Another fantastic stop should be Kovai Kutralam Falls which provide scenic vistas.

Velliangiri is a world-renowned pilgrim destination and trekking experience, also referred to as Kailash of the South by thousands of devotees who come here each year for worshipping Lord Shiva’s swayambhu (self-created) form from February until mid May during Nirvana Krittika (nirvana Krittika period).

Velliangiri hills walking distance

Velliangiri hills have long been revered as a perfect spot for adventure seekers and pilgrims, providing the chance to trek through rocks, slippery mud and tall trees in search of 7 hill shrines – much more accessible for many than Tibet’s Kailash yatra pilgrimage.

Medical experts have started warning of the risks involved with trekking. Climbing can be especially taxing for those with heart conditions and this year has already seen multiple deaths while trekking, including Coimbatore resident N Yegamurthy who suffered cardiac arrest while climbing hills on May 4 and three others over three months who all succumbed.

The initial hill may prove difficult due to its steep broken steps; take your time when climbing to reach its summit. Subsequent hills tend to be much easier and you may find shops at various points along their routes until reaching fifth hill; it should take 45-60 minutes to traverse these hills altogether.